How To Select the Best Airline Miles Credit Cards

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, then there’s a good chance that you’re being flooded with offers right now. How can you sort out the best airline miles credit cards from the ones that provide little, if any value? The best credit cards have some specific features and options that you can look for to know that it is a reliable card from a good lender so that you enter into a win/win relationship with your new line of credit.

Here is what you should look for in your offers, in no particular order.

You Should Receive Multiple Reward Options

Just because you’re earning airline miles doesn’t mean that you should only be able to redeem those miles for flights. The best rewards programs offer a wide variety of redemption options, from hotels to rental cars to branded merchandise that you can use. Although you don’t necessarily want an overly extensive rewards program because that tends to drive the costs of the rewards up, you do want to be able to have more than just the ability to purchase one type of ticket from one specific airline.

You Should Get Bonus Miles

Specific purchases should help you earn bonus miles in some way. The amount of bonuses that you can earn is typically reflected in the type of credit card that you get. If you want a card with no annual fee and a low APR, then you might get a double bonus on one or two specific types of purchases. Cards with higher annual fees and interest rates may offer 4x bonuses, however, so be sure to select an airline miles credit card that will best suit your spending habits.

You Should Get At Least 1.5% Back in Value

Knowing what the points are actually valued at is incredibly important to the decision about a new airline miles credit card. The points are reflective of a cash back amount that you’re going to receive and at minimum, you should be getting 1.5% back in points. What does that mean? For $20,000 in annual purchases, you should receive a value of $250 coming back to you at the bare minimum. If you get less than this on any credit card, then there’s a good chance that there’s a better line of credit for which you should apply.

You Should Get Other Promotional Options

Having an airline miles credit card is nice, but there should be other promotional options associated with the new line of credit as well. Look for a block of bonus miles being added after a qualifying purchase or specific travel-based rewards that occur as you reach certain tiers. If you are just earning miles and you’ve got pretty good credit with the offer you’ve got before you, then you’ve got a lender that’s trying to take advantage of you.

When you take the entire program into consideration, airline miles credit cards can be lucrative for all parties involved. Look for these key attributes in your offers and you’ll be able to create a strong reward system for your spending.


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